Improved Safety

The AeroWall is the only aerodynamic device on the road today that improves fuel efficiency and delivers enhanced road safety

The unseen enemy of truck drivers is crosswinds, which are present nearly 85% of the time. When the tractor-trailer gap is exposed, crosswinds exert tremendous forces on both sides of the trailer. A driver makes continual steering corrections over the course of a workday to counteract the wind’s effects on the trailer to keep the truck in its lane. Constantly fighting the steering wheel to maintain lane control is physically and mentally exhausting and causes driver fatigue and lapses in attentiveness.

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Test results prove that the AeroWall enhances tractor-trailer stability by reducing the effects of moderate to heavy crosswinds. By closing the gap the AeroWall greatly decreases the impact crosswinds have on the rig, leading to fewer lane departures and less driver fatigue.

Drivers tell the story best

The AeroWall makes the truck handle unbelievably easy. No more fighting the steering wheel to maintain lane presence. Crosswinds coming through the mountains no longer affect the truck, the AeroWall just shrugs them off.
In crosswinds, the tractor and the trailer move as one with no fish tailing. With the AeroWall on, the truck is like a rocket sled on rails, giving me phenomenal control and handling.


Restricted visibility from splash and spray due to wet road conditions is a hazard for truck drivers and for passenger vehicles that share the roads with them. With the AeroWall, drivers report that they can see the entire length of the trailer where, without the AeroWall, they could hardly see the trailer. They also reported that they could easily see other vehicles in the mirror. By improving tractor-trailer stability and increasing visibility in wet road conditions, the AeroWall brings a higher level of safety to the road.

Drivers tell the story best

In wet road conditions, the AeroWall pushes the overspray down, increasing visibility in the mirrors so I can see traffic behind the vehicle as it approaches.
The AeroWall makes a huge difference when passing and changing lanes by keeping the road spray away from the sides.