Cost Effective

Most OTR fleets will realize a 13-month payback, depending on the amount of fuel consumed on an annual basis. When calculating the payback period, it is important to factor in the number of devices required to create a combination truck or system solution. Tractor-based solutions require, on average, one-third the number of devices to achieve the same effect as trailer-mounted solutions. Over a period of four years, the AeroWall can deliver a return on investment of $10,000 per tractor, net of the purchase price.

Return on investment over four years
Device Fuel Savings
Trailer Multiple
AeroWALL 4.9% 1x 13 months $10,004
Trailer Tail 5 3 18 8,760
Trailer Skirts 4 3 21 7,700
Flow Below 2.3 1 19 3,886
Side Cab Ext. 1.5 1 17 2,713

Assumes an annual fuel expense of $70,000 per tractor

Damage to Tractor Equipment

When calculating payback and ROI, it is also important to include the costs associated with damage to existing equipment, such as side cab fairings and refrigeration units. It has become a common practice to narrow the gap by moving the fifth wheel forward to decrease aerodynamic drag. Tractors push the limits when offloading freight creating swing angles of greater than 90 degrees when in full articulation. In the far forward position side cab extenders and other cab accessories are damaged, leading to downtime and expensive repairs. Distributing the load forward of the drive axel mid-point also causes excessive and uneven tire wear.

Truck Damage

Driver Retention

The AeroWall is the only aerodynamic device on the market today that improves road safety, tractor-trailer stability and driver comfort

The AeroWall holds the truck in the lane so well that it allows my co-driver a more restful sleep. The system is very quiet which is a plus when trying to get a good sleep. —Early adopting driver

Recruiting and retaining drivers is a challenge. Poor road conditions, traffic congestion, accidents, unfavorable weather conditions and poor visibility make life on the road stressful. Most fleet operators recognize that an investment in their drivers is an investment in their business. Investments in safety and a better ride for the driver will give fleets a competitive advantage in attracting good drivers to their ranks.

The AeroWall allows the fleet operators to move the fifth wheel back to improve handling, driver comfort, and reduce driver fatigue without sacrificing fuel efficiency.

Driver comfort and safety impacts not only the driver behind the wheel, but the driver in the bunk as well. A well-rested driver is a safer driver.