AeroWall Dynamics is the first company to deliver a tractor-mounted, automatically deployed solution that improves fuel efficiency while reducing lane departures through improved vehicle stability and handling.

AeroWall Dynamics, based in Franklin, Tennessee was founded in 2014 to solve a unique challenge that has eluded industry experts for decades. The AeroWall Dynamics team set out to do what no company had ever done before – close the tractor-trailer gap without compromising safety and handling. After two years of R&D and a full year of on-road testing based on SAE Type II fuel economy testing, the AeroWall was launched. The AeroWall universally mounts to the tractor and closes the gap with intelligent deployment, requiring no driver intervention, for improved fuel efficiency, better handling and stability, fewer lane departures and extended component life.

Management Team

Dr. Gary Ferguson
Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer
Gary is an entrepreneur with a distinguished career. In addition to starting or turning around five technology companies, all with successful exits, Dr. Ferguson has served as a master business mentor for Jump Start, LaunchTN, and, most recently, the National Science Foundation. He has a deep passion for creating success through others, being first to market, and doing things that have never been done before.
Bill Wall
President and Chief Executive Officer
Bill served in the U.S. Air Force before moving into the private sector as an entrepreneur and design engineer. He founded Western Diesel and has been a consultant to Tesla Motors, Phoenix Motor Cars, and Van Steinberg Automotive. Mr. Wall launched AeroWall Dynamics as an outgrowth of his keen interest in automotive engineering and design. His diverse background in transportation and medical device technologies allowed him to crack the code for the tractor-trailer gap. Bill sees complex problems and seeks elegant, yet practical, solutions.
Mike Lambertson
Chief Operating Officer
Mike brings over 25 years of experience in the design and manufacture of electro-mechanical and aerodynamic devices to the AeroWall team. He co-founded Thermal Control Products which he and his partner sold to Moog. After the sale Mike managed the aerodynamic engineering team at Moog, serving a variety of aerospace, automotive, and medical customers including SpaceX, Tesla, and Philips.
Hans Seezen
Chief Financial Officer
Hans is a CPA and has served as CFO and President of international public companies and startup companies in a variety of industries. With over 35 years of financial leadership experience, he thrives in entrepreneurial settings where every member of the team can place their imprint on the successful execution of the business.
Rick Black
Chairman – Board of Advisors
Rick Black has over 30 years of experience launching successful companies in the trucking industry. His 25 years behind the wheel has lead Rick to a long-held interest in the creation of a commercial product that decreases aerodynamic drag in the tractor-trailer gap. Mr. Black has personally conducted many test runs to document AeroWall’s results and assist in product enhancement.